A家风尚酒店(宝山路店) / 建筑


The project is located in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang. The property and hotel are independently developed and operated by the real estate company, with a total area of 7300 square meters and a lobby area of 420 square meters. It is a small business hotel. The project belongs to secondary renovation and decoration, and the client requires that the design can bring new changes and breakthroughs. In order not to be limited by the original structure, we must make a new idea, the purpose is to completely liberate the lobby space, only in this way, we have the opportunity to win the approval of the client. Because before we took over the project, the principal of the client had contacted several design companies and they were not satisfied. So, how to liberate completely? As can be seen from the graphic design scheme, we demolish the original inner corner entrance, take the column as the center circle, cut the main entrance to the 3-axis, and the whole lobby suddenly becomes bright. This key idea is the key to the establishment of the whole project. The rest of the signing and payment became extremely simple.


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